Se.r.navi performs Engine Alignments, shaft lines and industrial machinery in general also with laser instruments.

A rotating part misalignment can be responsible for a high cost related to the operating machines stops.

A state good alignment can prevent a considerable number of production stops and reduce maintenance times which can cause a lot of production losses.

In the context of cost reduction and better use of available resources, the need for very high precision alignment is essential.

The axes and all rotating parts must be aligned horizontally and vertically.
There are various types of misalignment that can cause damage and downtime: Parallel misalignment, angular misalignment or a combination of both.

The heavy consequences of the misalignment of the axes or of the rotating indistrial parts can lead to various failures of bearings or seals, lubricant leaks, failure of joints and anchor bolts, failure of the entire member or axis and an increase in friction. , noise and vibrations that can potentially be fatal to the entire engine or to the entire machine.

The mechanical workshop also serves the execution of traditional chock-fast notching.

In conclusion, we can say that the laser alignment systems available in Sernavi are an indispensable ally for all your alignment interventions of axis lines and industrial rotating parts.


Our team of experts performs Balancing with latest generation portable electronic equipment with the issue of certificate reporting the balancing quality class and residual unbalance values ​​according to ISO 1940 and U.S. standards. Navy.

We can balance rotating materials (Propellers, Transmission and Cardan Shafts, Rotors, Axial and Radial Impellers, Rollers, Flywheels, Rolls for Paper Mills, Shredder Rotors, Pulleys, Disks, etc.) up to 8 – 10 meters in length and 6000 kg.

Static balancing: essential processing for the proper functioning of industrial machinery, ensuring the correct efficiency of the material. Static imbalance occurs when the rotor’s center of gravity does not coincide with the rotation axis, causing vibrations that can lead to the materials breaking.

Dynamic balancing: Processing that allows the main axis of inertia to coincide with the axis of rotation and therefore eliminates the torque imbalance. With dynamic balancing, the oscillation is canceled.

Balancing is performed to remove vibrations and oscillations that improve the functionality of the machine.

Se.r.navi also established itself on the market for the investment made in important and excellent quality machinery:

Electronic balancing machine with vertical axis dia. Max 1200 mm weight 200Kg
Electronic balancing machine with horizontal axis dia. Max 3000 mm, length. Max 8000 mm, max rotor weight 6000Kg
Portable electronic balancer and vibration analyzer for on-site balancing.
Some fields of application:

Automotive sector: Flanges, transmission shafts, cardan shafts, flywheels, pulleys.

Energy sector: Wind turbines, radial and axial impellers, turbines, kaplan and pelton.

Paper Sector: Impellers, Flywheels, pulleys, rollers and shafts.

Textile sector: Reels, spindles, pulleys, rollers.

Food sector: Shredders, mixers, baskets, mills, centrifuges.

Railway sector: shafts, rotors, wheel centers.

Industrial Sector: Impellers, electric rotors, spindles, mills, shafts, rollers.

We carry out balancing  in our Venice workshop and we receive goods from Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria and all over Europe.


Se.r.navi, thanks to its instruments, performs the measurement of mechanical vibrations.

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