Welding MIG, MAG, TIG, submerged arc and PTA

Naval carpentry is a highly developed sector within Se.r.navi thanks to its team of qualified welders, trained according to the high standards that meet the ship repair sector.

The welders are certified by Rina and DNV-GL are available 7 days a week to meet customer requirements. They perform weldings approved by the naval electrode registers, MIG, MAG, TIG, submerged arc and PTA welding on carbon steels, stainless steels, bronzes and stellites.

Repairs are carried out daily on the hull of ships, holds, doppers, ladders, and repair of the container guides and to each structure of the ship and iron and stainless steel structures are designed. Furthermore, the repair and / or replacement of the anchor or of chain parts, as well as the replacement of steel cables, are increasingly required.
If necessary Sernavi employs certified collaborators (or does it internally with its own specialized staff) to perform the non-destructive tests, also called ND (Non-Destructive Testing) to certify the conformity of the welds through procedures with penetrating liquids, ultrasounds or magneto controls.

Sernavi also deals with the repair and / or reconstruction of the crane structures.

Sernavi warehouse has a large stock of steel plates, tubes and profiles.

To carry out the welding work, the technical and administrative office will carry out all the necessary documentation to obtain the Gas free permit at the Port Authority.


  • welding and overlays of materials for steels, bronze, stellite and stainless steels
  • MAG, MIG, SAW, TIG, PTA procedures
  • carpentry repair on hull ship structures, piping
  • sea fastening on board the ship for large sized items
  • construction of iron and steel structures on drawing
  • Saldature
  • Carpenteria
  • Sea fastening
  • Costruzione a disegno di strutture in ferro e acciaio inox
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