Se.r.navi is equipped to perform motor alignments, shaft lines and machinery in general, even with the aid of laser instruments. It also performs traditional chock-fast application.


Our qualified team performs balances with the latest generation of portable electronic equipment with certificate issuance according to ISO 1940 and U.S. standards. Navy.

Always focused on company growth, Se.r.navi established itself on the market for its machinery in its excellent quality workshops such as:

  • Electronic horizontal axis balancing machine dia. Max 3000 mm, length Max 8000 mm, max rotor weight 6000Kg
  • Vertical axis electronic balancer dia. Max 1200 mm weight 200Kg
  • Electronic portable balancing machine and vibration balancer for on-site balancing


Thanks to its instruments, Se.r.navi performs the measurement of mechanical vibrations.

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