Milling Boring

What is meant by Boring?

The Boring Process refers to a mechanical process aimed at correcting the axis or diameter of a hole.
Sernavi, thanks to its latest generation Boring Machine, is able not only to correct but also to increase the diameter of the hole until it reaches the correct size.
This process will give the hole to be reamed a particularly accurate finish.
In the presence of “through” holes, it will be necessary to pass the Boring Machine to the opposite side.
If machining of blind holes is required, the hole will have a limited depth.
The blades with which the reaming is carried out must be very hard and resistant, generally made of special metals, so that they do not break during the process due to friction.
The Reamer can rotate in both directions: clockwise and anti-clockwise.
For reaming, the anti-clockwise direction is preferred, even if the effort to be introduced is greater.
Reaming is a finishing job. The blades of the boring machine do not pierce the metal but only refine the surfaces of the hole.

How does the Reaming Process work?

Boring or Milling for the Industrial Sector is carried out with Numerical Control Machinery and with the expert hands of our highly specialized technicians.
Thanks to our extremely precise CNC Numerical Control Boring Machine we are able to bring the hole to the required size with an almost infinitesimal error.

Sernavi performs boring and milling on different types of materials:
Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Brass and Bronze.

For boring operations, Sernavi uses lubrication oils to reduce friction and improve processing.

Our workshops in Venice carry out Boring and Milling for the Industrial Sector for our customers on mechanical components, including large ones, thanks to a latest generation machine.

We are able to bore and mill propeller shafts, carry out grinding on rudder shafts with blade mounted and carry out the drilling and construction of plates and the processing of wind turbine blades.

We have a Boring / Milling machine with 1800×2200 mm table, Strokes X=5000b Y_ 2500 Z= 2000

Our Numerical Control Boring Machine

Sernavi is always attentive to the innovation and modernization of its tools. Thanks to new investments, our carpentry has one of the best CNC Boring machines on the market: the Tos Varnsdorf WHQ 13 CNC.

Cnc: Heidenhain TNC530i + Remote Control
Sleeve stroke: 800 mm
Table dimensions: 2500X1800 mm
Table indexing: 360,000°
Work progress speed: 12 m/min
Table rotation speed: 2 rpm
Stem diameter: 130 mm
X axis: 5000 mm
Y axis: 3000 mm
Maximum piece weight: 16000 kg
W axis: 800 mm
Z axis: 1250 mm
Working range: 5000x1250x3000 mm
Spindle speed: 10 – 3000 rpm
Spindle power: 2,502/3,111 Nm – 37/46 Kw

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