Repairs Yacht And Mega Yacht

A Yacht or a Mega Yacht must always be kept in excellent condition, otherwise its life will be very short.

Relying on Experts in the Yacht sector with decades of experience is almost a duty towards your beloved Yacht.

Ser.n.avi, Leader in the Repair and Maintenance of Yachts and Mega Yachts, offers a meticulous, punctual and accurate service.

This way of working is known all over the world, given that our customers come from many European and non-European countries.

Over the years, many owners have entrusted their yachts to the care of Sernavi, recognizing the highest competence in our timely interventions and on site.

Recognized expertise, given a greater presence of experienced navigators and with a return of the classic yachtman.

This makes us understand the greater attention, not only to ordinary maintenance, but also to all those maintenance and repairs that give new life to a Yacht or Mega Yacht.

Sernavi offers many types of maintenance and repairs:

Main Engine Repair, Carpentry Work, Welding Service,
Hydraulic Service , Balancing, Alignment of axis lines and Vibrometry, and many others.


  • Mechanics, Motors, Electrical Systems, Refrigeration Systems, Air Conditioning, Stainless steel structural work
  • construction and modification of axis lines
  • propeller repair, geometry modification, dimensional control with electronic passometer
  • construction of electrical systems
  • balancing and propeller straightening

In addition, Ser.n.avi offers hull repairs through the cutting of the damaged part and the consequent welding of the new piece and painting of the same.
Being delicate and complex jobs, especially in the preparatory stages, Sernavi employs experienced professionals and top quality products.

In the course of more than 50 years of activity, sernavi has worked on hulls from 15 to 45 meters, coming to work on Mega Yachts up to 60 meters. In addition there is the possibility to reach all the most important ports in Italy. This is a clear sign of the experience and the increasingly advanced capacity offered by the Sernavi workshops.

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