Se.r.navi has always carried out lashing operations, ie the procedures for securing the load, including cargo, in the holds and on deck.

During these operations, sernavi, where necessary, provides cranes and cherry pickers to perform the job at best and in maximum safety and provides D-rings, steel wires, tensioners and chains.

If the lashing is carried out for exceptional cargo, it is often requested, and at the same time performed, the realization of details in carpentry that will be designed.

If required, Sernavi performs non-destructive tests, or NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) to test the welds internally or by using certified collaborators. These controls can be done through penetrating liquids, magnetic controls and ultrasounds.Sernavi boasts a large warehouse of sheet metal, profiles and pipes (over 6000T)

Our technical and administrative office will take care of carrying out all the necessary documentation to obtain from the Port Authority the use of gas free flame for lashing and deriving operations.


  • exceptional packages lashing
  • supply of d-rings, tensioners, steel ropes, chains
  • flame use and chemical intervention of the port
  • non destructive welding checks
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