Repair piston heads, cylinder heads, exhaust valves machined to the original diameter.

Our team of engineers and technicians offers an excellent service in the construction and repair of engine spare parts, such as piston heads, cylinder heads, valves and exhaust seats, liners and gears.

All works are carried out with procedures approved by the naval registers (RINA, Lloyd register etc ..)

The experience of our staff goes beyond diesel engines and extends to the repair of pumps, winches, compressors and condensers as well as the construction and repair of heat exchangers.

Se.rnavi also boasts a team of welders and qualified procedures to carry out repair processes with RINA approved coatings for austenitic and martensitic steels. The welds are then checked by our technician with the control of penetrating liquids to confirm the absence of cracks.

More and more often we work on bronze marine propellers CU3 marine brass CU2 with RINA approved reopening processes and we perform electronic control of the propeller geometry with the passometer (certified according to ISO 484/2).

Another sector in which Sernavi stands out is the oleo-dynamic through the repair and construction of spare parts for hydraulic systems such as cranes, winches and wheelhouse and through the construction, overhaul and repair of hydraulic cylinders, including in the work the chrome plating of the stems and the correction.

We are available for our customers 7 days a week so as to avoid unnecessary waiting times for the ship

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Mechanical services we are specialized in:

  • construction and repair of piston heads
  • cylinder head construction and repair
  • construction and repair of valves and exhaust seats
  • construction and repair of liners
  • construction and repair of gears
  • construction and repair of heat exchanger
  • pump repair
  • repair of compressors
  • repair of capacitor construction
  • repair of austenitic and martensitic steels
  • propeller repair
  • helix geometry control
  • repair winches and wheelhouse
  • construction of hydraulic cylinders
  •  chroming stems and grinding
  • repair of rigid and flexible pipes
  • boring and additions in place even on holes up to 1000 mm
  • special reports of stellite, Nimonic, Inconel
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